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Birthday Party Activities to Plan for Your Child First Birthday Party

It is exciting to see your baby turning 1 and it is important that you get to prepare his or her birthday in a greater way. Typically, since it is the first birthday party, you might be confused and wonder about the activities that you can get to include at that birthday party. Here you are supposed to mind about those children that will attend the birthday party and they need plenty of fun so that they can get to enjoy. As you will be preparing that first birthday party for your child consider the following activities.

The first consideration is the bubble machine. As a parent you don’t have to overthink at all when you are planning the first birthday party for your child since you need to be simple. For this reason you need to make sure that you are either buying or renting bubble machine and hat will make all the kids that will attend that party to be entertained.

The other great activity you need to put in your plan is wagon rides. You can be having a wagon at your home and here you will be required to use it at this birthday party and ensure the kids are having a ride. When you have a wagon and use it to give kids rides will keep the parents also busy as they will have to lend a hand to help in pulling that wagon and that will be all fun.

You also need to thinks about petting zoo. This is quite pricey but it can be a great activity where you can get to have different animals in that zoo. In this case, there are companies that offer this type of services and can bring several animals like goats, sheep, pigs, ponies and many more so that the kids can interact with them.

It is also fun to make kids busy and when you are having building blocks will attract the attention of many as they will try to build a building. Besides, it is essential that you get to consider having a jumping castle. You need to make sure that you are investing in the jumping castle as most kids are fun of it and that will make your birthday party entertaining.

In addition, you need to make sure that there is cake smash as that will make the event more interesting and here you need to have a professional photographer so that the smashing process can be captured. Moreover, plan to have a baby photo game and let the parents to try figuring out the baby on the picture and the real one as that will be more entertaining.