Addictive Zombie Games for Smartphone

Zombie games are one of the gaming genres so popular both in Android and iOS. Here I’ve compiled a list of zombie games that you can download for free. Some of the games here have in-app purchase that is available to boost your progress, added customizations, and much more.

Zombie Tsunami

This zombie game is one the most addicting zombie game. Your goal is to beat your top score by starting a few zombies running wild in the cities, eating every human that you can encounter. There are additional power-ups that you can get in game to make your zombie into a horde. Power-up includes balloon, surf, dragon,  UFO, and many more. The more zombies you will get, the easier to survive with the game as the number of zombies alive will keep you going. Once all the zombies are dead, you are game over.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Like no other zombie game, your goal is to keep yourself alive. This is a MMORPG game that is a mixed of survival and shooter game that you will really love. This game is a third-person zombie game and if you are fan of Walking Dead series, then for sure you will fall in love when you started playing this game. Other cool features of the game include: crafting weapons, creating clans, chat with other players and lots of awesome features.

Zombie Smasher

This game had a similar concept to the game Ant Smasher, where you smash ants crawling to the screen. On the other hand, Zombie Smasher lets you smash all the kinds of zombies chasing people in the game, be sure not to smash real people because the moment you smash human, your lives will be deducted until you will run out of lives, it’s game over already for you. There are special skills that you can use to keep your game going life electric zap, dynamite, and throwing some meat that will lure out zombies.