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Hack and Slash Games Desktop

Two of the best hack and slash games that I’ve played in desktop computers are the Devil May Cry 4 and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

DMC4 is an action-pack adventure video game not only released for PC but also to other gaming platforms such as iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. The story line of the game is really amazing and superb and you will be able to control 2 characters which are Nero and Dante who holds demonic powers to fight evil. According to Wikipedia, this game became one of the most best-selling hack and slash game with over 3 million units sold worldwide, and that’s really splendid. If you love the previous version of the game, the Devil May Cry 2 and Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening, then no doubt that you will also love the latest addition to its series.

On the other hand, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance is the first Metal Gear games that I’ve played and to tell you honestly playing the role of Raiden, a cyborg is really exciting and also action pack. You will be able to fight stronger enemies (bosses) through out the game and you will also learn new moves by acquiring new weapons from the enemies. There are huge number of combos and counterattacks that you can unlocked as you progress with the game. Another cool features of the game is the slow-mo effect that you can cut through the enemies piece by piece. I was able to finished the game in more than 5 months time as it is really difficult and it’s quite difficult to figure out bossess weakness in the game. You need to engage with them multiple times before you can get a hint of their weakness.

If you have played a hack and slash game that really amaze you, kindly comment down below and I’ll be happy to add them to this growing list.


Addictive Zombie Games for Smartphone

Zombie games are one of the gaming genres so popular both in Android and iOS. Here I’ve compiled a list of zombie games that you can download for free. Some of the games here have in-app purchase that is available to boost your progress, added customizations, and much more.

Zombie Tsunami

This zombie game is one the most addicting zombie game. Your goal is to beat your top score by starting a few zombies running wild in the cities, eating every human that you can encounter. There are additional power-ups that you can get in game to make your zombie into a horde. Power-up includes balloon, surf, dragon,  UFO, and many more. The more zombies you will get, the easier to survive with the game as the number of zombies alive will keep you going. Once all the zombies are dead, you are game over.

Last Day on Earth: Survival

Like no other zombie game, your goal is to keep yourself alive. This is a MMORPG game that is a mixed of survival and shooter game that you will really love. This game is a third-person zombie game and if you are fan of Walking Dead series, then for sure you will fall in love when you started playing this game. Other cool features of the game include: crafting weapons, creating clans, chat with other players and lots of awesome features.

Zombie Smasher

This game had a similar concept to the game Ant Smasher, where you smash ants crawling to the screen. On the other hand, Zombie Smasher lets you smash all the kinds of zombies chasing people in the game, be sure not to smash real people because the moment you smash human, your lives will be deducted until you will run out of lives, it’s game over already for you. There are special skills that you can use to keep your game going life electric zap, dynamite, and throwing some meat that will lure out zombies.

New Cards in Clash Royale



Clash Royale game had a new set of cards that is intended to be released in a span of 2 months. These cards are the Cannon cart, Flying machine, Mega Knight, and Skeleton Barrel. 3 of these cards are already released and it’s just a matter of days before we can see the Skeleton barrel in action, although honestly speaking I was able to see it to the recent event where you can win 100 pieces of this card by completing a 12 win streak.

Clash Royale is one of the best android games and it was included on top 10 games for Android and iOS if I’m not mistaken. It is a multiplayer strategy game where you need to deploy troops, use spell cards, use buildings to attack and defend.

Your ultimate goal is before the time runs out, you must be able to destroy one of your opponents crown or destroy all the crown towers even destroy the king for sure victory. When time runs out, the winner will be the one with most destroyed number of crown towers. There is also a possibility of draw after an overtime and still have the same number of towers.

There are 77 unique cards in the game and you can create your own combos by using different cards, it’s just hard to level-up the cards as you will need a lots of gold and gems to do this, I’ve been playing Clash Royale for more than 1 year now and I was able to max out my ladder deck that I’m using from pure hard work, sleepless nights. But now you can level up your cards with ease, either burning some big cash to buy gems or using cheats for Clash Royale gems. Be aware that there are lots of fake website that offer this kind of service.

Here are some details about the latest cards in Clash Royale Game

Cannon Cart

5 elixir epic card that literally a cannon with wheels. You can deploy this card and watch it roll and destroy every land troops your enemy will use to defend his base. Hog riders are also attracted to this as it is a building and once its cart/wheels is destroyed, the cannon cart is not yet defeated it’s just like a shield and it can still attack but it is already fixed to the ground.

Flying Machine

Flying machine is like a dart goblin but for air troops. It can be easily killed by zap or arrows. You need to hit it with a same level of fireball to destroy it. It’s attack speed and damage is very similar to dart goblin, so it is really a big threat and you should not ignore this card at all costs. It is a 4 elixir rare card.

Mega Knight

Knight is a pain in the a**, what more this Mega duper 7-elixir legendary card that has spawn damage like Electro wizard. It leaps 4-5 tiles like the bandit and it’s damage is splash. It has more life than Lava Hound and it is really scary when you don’t have the card to counter this monster.

Skeleton Barrel

Similar with goblin barrel, much easier to level up as it is a common card using only 3 elixir with 300 hp for level 1 so it can be easily killed by a zap or arrow of the same level. It’s main target is building and once it reached the building, the barrel will be destroyed deploying horde of skeletons that will munch your tower.

Gaming is All About Preference: PC, Console, Mobile

people playing video gamesI do believe that gaming is all about preference and you can enjoy playing games on what ever gaming device you are using. On this article I will try to explain the pros and cons of each device and let me know your thoughts if you will agree on me by commenting down below. Let’s start with gaming consoles, again these are just my personal opinion so everyone can share their experience for each.

Gaming Console

Gaming consoles such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Steam. Well my first impression with these devices is that they are perfect for those gamers who want to experience new level of gaming in terms of awesome graphics, and those who want to play with their big screens. The only drawback that I can see is that they are somehow limited on the console specs that they’ll be purchasing such as the size of the hard drive, and etc. But in terms of price they are in the middle compared to mobile gaming and desktop.

Gaming with PC

Gaming with PC is what I actually prefer, but again it comes down into personal preference. If you are a tech guy or geek then setting up a gaming pc is easy as abc. As you have knowledge on what particular piece of hardware you are going to buy to build your own pc. That’s the best part of gaming with computer as you have total control with every parts, as long as you have budget so the specs can be the latest one and you can definitely experience the best possible gaming experience in terms of graphics, more processing power, huge displays, gaming peripherals and more. But for those non-tech savvy, I guess the best choice for now is buying gaming consoles.

Gaming with Mobile Devices

Gaming with mobile devices now became popular as smartphone manufacturers are now focusing on developing octa-core powered devices with a decent GPU and 3GB of memory which is ideal for gaming similar to desktop pc. I have also seen a huge improvement in terms of graphics for every new game that was released, specially from popular game developers such as EA, Gameloft, and other startups game developers from third world countries are also shining on these mobile industry.

In, addition gaming with mobile devices is indeed one of the most affordable specially for students who have limited budget. For as low as $150 you can already purchased a mid-range spec Android phone that you can use to play the best game titles in Google PlayStore without experiencing any lag at all.

Let me know which is your bet among the three gaming gadgets?