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Weird Laws in the World

You will hear of some weird laws all over the world. These laws are alien to most of us, but it is wise to adhere to them as long as you are there. An example is you cannot leave the house without underwear in Thailand since that is illegal. Here are even more bizarre ones from other parts of the globe.
It is illegal to play the piano past midnight in Germany. It must have been caused by one alloyed neighbor. It has remained a law up to now. You, however, can play other instruments if you so wish.
Mute Swans in England are off limits in the menu, save only for the queen’s. Since they all belong to her, she has reserved the right to kill and eat them as she pleases.
It is illegal to have ketchup on school cafeteria menus in France. It is believed to have been a way to preserve their culture and preference for mayonnaise on fries.
There are region in Italy where it is illegal to die. In those areas, you need to have your annual check-ups done diligently. If you do not, there is a fine as you risk dying there.
In Singapore, lettering is such a forbidden vice that if you are caught, there is a t-shirt ready for you proclaiming your littering habit. This is how they have kept their streets clean. You can learn more here about the prevention of littering.
In Switzerland, you cannot keep one goldfish. They believe the fish needs the company of a friend or friends. So you have to keep two or more.
If a club in Japan still has the patrons dancing and it is midnight, then they have to turn on the lights. It was either they all agree to have no dancing past midnight, or to accept the lights to be on.
In China, the government has given itself the power to decide the terms of reincarnation. There is a common belief that reincarnation is possible and will happen as soon as they die. The government, therefore, issues reincarnation passports to monitor those numbers.
In Vietnam, it is illegal to drive with no hands. While the idea is to prevent accidents from happening, the language of the law is a bit ambiguous. It does not clarify whether it refers to those with no hands, or to those who choose not to use theirs.
Parents in South Korea have the right to get their kids arrested for playing video games past midnight. Only they can make it legal for you to keep playing. This is power most other parents could use.
There is no shortage of such weird laws. You shall discover more weird things from across the globe on this site.

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