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What You Should Know About Social Justice and What You Can Do

Social justice means an equal distribution of wealth and privileges in society. When things are not done correctly, people not treated equally, that is known as social injustice. The world has noticed several elements of social injustice in almost every corner. Apart from the cases of social injustice in your locality, note that it happens globally. By reading this article, you will learn some of the social injustices and ways to fight them.

Economic injustice is one of the common vices in the world today. If the available earnings and opportunities are not distributed equally, that’s economic injustice. They could be brought by inequalities in pay, wealth or even income. The other social injustice that is common is discrimination. Everyone deserves equal opportunities regardless of the age, gender, disability, etc. You should also note that learning about social injustice through discrimination is important. For a detailed discussion on discrimination, read on.

There is common discrimination based on religion. Different people have varying belief in the supreme. Religious discrimination tends to target minorities. Even in societies that recognize freedom of worship also have cases of religious discrimination. Age discrimination is another form of social injustice. Discrimination based on age is very common in the workplace. You must have heard cases where older employees are getting terminated so that young ones can fill their positions. The instances where someone is given a duty that is not pleasant due to their age is a sign of discrimination.

The other form of discrimination can be based on gender. The biological differences between men and women should not mean that they should not get equal treatment. Racial discrimination is another form of social injustice that is common in every corner of the world. It is true that the world is made up of different races but that does not anyone a reason to discriminate people who are not of a similar race. If someone is targeted because they have a different race, that is racial profiling.

You have a responsibility to fight social injustice. Fighting injustice is the first approach to ending social injustice. Treat everyone equally, starting with the people around you. The little donations you can give to people who are in the forefront in the fight against social injustice can help a lot. It is also important to note that you can volunteer to help with some work at a seniors’ care center. Some of the ways through which you can take part in the fight against social injustice include getting involved in protests.