Mobile Legends is a Boring Game? Then Try This Heroes!

Anyone saying Mobile Legends is a boring game doesn’t really know how to play the game, honestly there are many heroes that are really difficult to use. They have stiff learning curve, not the kind of hero that you can master by using it 5 to 10 times. Yes there are many heroes that are easy to play with but if you really want to enjoy the game, or what I’m trying to say is to showcase your fast hands and critical thinking, then you should definitely pick the most difficult heroes in the game. If you are having difficulties earning and saving battle points to buy new hero, then check out this Diamonds and Battle Points Generator for Mobile Legends.


This hero is similar to Mikasa Ackerman if you are familiar with Attack on Titan, he got steel cable that you can use to roam around the map, hunt your prey and cut their throat using its ultimate. If you think Meepo in Dota is hard to use? then try Fanny, and I’m sure lot of players will make Fun / Funny of you hahaha. But once you have master this assassin, then you will be admire through out the game.


This hero looks easy to use, but I must say it is not. This hero had the most shortest range of skills that you can combo or use so proper timing is a must. The 1st skill is a 3-shot blow that can be activated and landed to enemy in a very close range. The final blow will blast the enemy airborne, then you can activate your ultimate, the Way of the Dragon to catch the airborned enemy and land a huge damage.


If you love micro in MOBA games, then this one suits you best. Also properly execution and precision of the skills will give you an upperhand againsts your enemies. As a way of Ninja, there’s no easy way to become strong even you can farm a bunch of items if you can hit a proper combo with Hayabusa’s skills.


This pretty lady had 2 sets of skills similar to Lapu-Lapu although by just reading every descriptions makes me anxious. This mage can deal heavy damage and contribute to crowd control as well perfect for team fights.


This hero is a deadly marksman and can hit you with its ultimate wherever you are in the map as long as the user is expert enough I must say. This marksman has the longest range in terms of ultimate, it has also a unique spell called spear of death where an enemy can be impailed if it hits and collides in a wall, with additional 2 secs stun enough for Moskov to finish you off.

These are the top 5 most difficult heroes in Mobile Legends as far as I know, if you think there are more worth mentioning then be sure to comment down below.