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Popular Anime-Inspired Video Games

No doubt if you are born as a millennial, you definitely have your favorite Anime, and majority of the anime lovers that I’ve asked if they would love to see a video game of their favorite anime, and 95% of them said yes! On this article, I’m going to share the top anime’s in 90’s and my opinion to this tv show and the game itself.

Dragon Ball Z

Dragon Ball Z is one of the all-time favorite anime of the millennial all over the world. Son Goku as the protaganist, a super saiyan that became powerful as he battle and save the planet earth from the bad guys. This is one of my favorite anime and the first time I’ve seen it on video arcade, I became addicted to it right away. Mastering multiple combo, unlocking special character, and executing their signature moves such as kamehame wave, energy bomb, big bang, dodon wave, and etc.

Naruto The Game

This game is also one of the favorite anime-based video games. I love how they able to recreate this in an RPG and arcade mode where you have your teammates (1 to 2) that you can call by clicking some buttom combinations, and executing killer combos that not just dealt huge damage but also awesome looking, as you are watching the real anime in front of your eyes. Ultimate Ninja Storm is one of the most popular Naruto game I’ve played so far.

One Piece

This game is my personal favorite because of the story line and their belief as a crew. I’m really addicted to this anime until now as the manga and anime itself are still on going. Their latest game will be released in a virtual reality setting, which is a new level of gaming experience for those gamers out there who really want to test their skills.

Other Games

These games are worth mentioning, although they are not really anime but I think they deserve to be mention. First is the marvel vs capcom game where you can play almost any street fighter characters, and marvel super heroes in an arcade type of game. There’s also mortal kombat, which is a brutal arcade game, Tekken series, and Shaman King game which I have also love playing few years ago.

Let me know if you know some anime-inspired games that we can share to our blog readers. Just comment down below.