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New Cards in Clash Royale



Clash Royale game had a new set of cards that is intended to be released in a span of 2 months. These cards are the Cannon cart, Flying machine, Mega Knight, and Skeleton Barrel. 3 of these cards are already released and it’s just a matter of days before we can see the Skeleton barrel in action, although honestly speaking I was able to see it to the recent event where you can win 100 pieces of this card by completing a 12 win streak.

Clash Royale is one of the best android games and it was included on top 10 games for Android and iOS if I’m not mistaken. It is a multiplayer strategy game where you need to deploy troops, use spell cards, use buildings to attack and defend.

Your ultimate goal is before the time runs out, you must be able to destroy one of your opponents crown or destroy all the crown towers even destroy the king for sure victory. When time runs out, the winner will be the one with most destroyed number of crown towers. There is also a possibility of draw after an overtime and still have the same number of towers.

There are 77 unique cards in the game and you can create your own combos by using different cards, it’s just hard to level-up the cards as you will need a lots of gold and gems to do this, I’ve been playing Clash Royale for more than 1 year now and I was able to max out my ladder deck that I’m using from pure hard work, sleepless nights. But now you can level up your cards with ease, either burning some big cash to buy gems or using cheats for Clash Royale gems. Be aware that there are lots of fake website that offer this kind of service.

Here are some details about the latest cards in Clash Royale Game

Cannon Cart

5 elixir epic card that literally a cannon with wheels. You can deploy this card and watch it roll and destroy every land troops your enemy will use to defend his base. Hog riders are also attracted to this as it is a building and once its cart/wheels is destroyed, the cannon cart is not yet defeated it’s just like a shield and it can still attack but it is already fixed to the ground.

Flying Machine

Flying machine is like a dart goblin but for air troops. It can be easily killed by zap or arrows. You need to hit it with a same level of fireball to destroy it. It’s attack speed and damage is very similar to dart goblin, so it is really a big threat and you should not ignore this card at all costs. It is a 4 elixir rare card.

Mega Knight

Knight is a pain in the a**, what more this Mega duper 7-elixir legendary card that has spawn damage like Electro wizard. It leaps 4-5 tiles like the bandit and it’s damage is splash. It has more life than Lava Hound and it is really scary when you don’t have the card to counter this monster.

Skeleton Barrel

Similar with goblin barrel, much easier to level up as it is a common card using only 3 elixir with 300 hp for level 1 so it can be easily killed by a zap or arrow of the same level. It’s main target is building and once it reached the building, the barrel will be destroyed deploying horde of skeletons that will munch your tower.