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Is Roblox a Minecraft Alternative?

There are questions roaming in the internet whether Roblox is a Minecraft alternative? some says yes it is, while other says Roblox is completely a different game. In my own opinion as a gamer, it is definitely a unique game and it composed of mini-games created by other players. It is also an open-world game similar to Minecraft but the fact that you can socialise with the game like other simulation role playing games is such a beauty.

Roblox is one of the most downloaded game in mobile devices with 2.6+ million reviews and overall rating of 4.6, meaning the game is really had a game story line and actual gameplay. For some graphics is not good, but that’s how it was really design in the first place and the fact that their target audience is children and kids.

Every player will going to spend hundreds of hours playing this game as it comes with hundreds of mini-games. If you would like to progress with the game ten folds faster than other players then I would suggest spend a couple of dollars to purchase Robux. This is their premium item or what others called as luxury in the game that you can use to apply customisation to your characters, buy rare items, and memberships such as VIP, where you can reap rewards and amazing benefits every day. But if you are not willing to spend you hard-earned cash, I would suggest to search for a legit website that lets you redeem Free Roblox Robux in exchange of completing some free surveys or offers. This way you can still get the items that you really want, without worrying of getting broke. Roblox is always up to date and they released awesome features every updates and try to improve their game for various bugs and game crashes. So again the conclusion for this article is that Roblox is a unique game on itsĀ  own, and you don’t need to compare it to mindcraft as that game is also unique in many ways. If you have a friend that still argue with this, kindly refer this article to them to clear any misconceptions, questions, similarities, and unique selling points of each game.