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Essential Methods of Hurricane Proofing Your Home

Hurricanes result in losses worth hundreds of billions of dollars every year. Though the anticipation is for a more mild hurricane season this year, you cannot be sure about it, thus the need to be prepared. Instead of waiting until the storm comes, you need to prepare yourself early enough by doing repairs and reinforcements as necessary. Herein is a guide on how you can keep your home hurricane proof.

You can start by installing impact windows. When high-speed winds launch projectiles at your home, you get a broken glass. The result is the entry of dirt, water, and mud, and can also cause injuries to the home’s occupants. Impact windows can cost a significant amount, and you want to consider whether they are valuable for your home depending on how exposed you are to hurricanes and how long you plan to stay there. You can also consider hurricane shutters if impact windows are too expensive. You can find more details about impact windows and hurricane shutters on this site.

Is also necessary for you to check your doors to protect your home from hurricanes. You can consider getting reinforced or metal doors. Having your door swing out away from the house rather than in toward the house can also help reduce the chances of wind blowing your doors in once it blows. Be sure to upgrade your garage door as well. Here are more details to help you know what to look at when checking your doors.

Another way through which you can keep your house hurricane proof is by reinforcing your roof. Shingles that are broken or crumbling may fly off and become projectiles when the hurricane happens. Any pieces of the roof that are damaged may also give access to water and debris into your house. Regardless of the roofing material that you use, ensure that you have proper fasteners to keep your roof in good condition. Here are some details to help you know when you need to replace your roof.

You can also landscape your yard as a way to keep your home hurricane proof. Bushes need trimming so that they can prevent projectiles, and the same applies for any trees that may have low hanging or dead branches. Get more details about the necessity of dead or dying tree removal on this site.

It is also necessary for you to clear your gutters. It is through the gutters that you’re able to redirect water from your roof. Having clogged drains means that water will pool on your roof, which will result in damage. Water can also seep through your roof, which can consequently result in ceiling damage.

Find more details about other things to do to secure your home from hurricanes on this site.