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What to Expect During Breastfeeding

Pregnancy and motherhood come with so much one needs to experience to comprehend. You can look at breastfeeding for this. We have been breastfeeding since there was humanity, but it is still a complicated process. This is usually a challenging time for most first time mothers. For their sake, here is some info they can rely on in their journey.
There is the assumption that the natural state of breastfeeding shall make it an easy and automatic process. When the time comes, things rarely proceed that way. They need to be prepared for some strain and possibly pain until they establish a rhythm with the baby. The best approach is to go for breastfeeding classes, or ask for assistance while at hospital.
It is also important to remain clean at all times, as long as no soap touches your nipples. Soap can dry and crack the nipples, making feeding time tortuous. You only need use warm water for the cleaning process.
We also tend to shun alcohol consumption. When they say so, you need to know that there is no harm from an occasional glass of wine. You only need to avoid breastfeeding thereafter, so that the baby does not get any of the alcohol. If however you have a problem abstaining after a little, you will need professional intervention. You shall discover more help when you go to this site.
This is also a time when the breasts act strange. They shall for one change shape throughout pregnancy and nursing. You may also notice the smaller of them producing the most milk. You will also leak milk when you hear the cries of a child, despite no relations. You need to accept such changes and events as part of the process of raising an infant.
You will also not likely experience your periods for a while. This is usually a welcome side effect. You however cannot rely on this as a birth control method. You need to get a proper contraceptive, or risk getting pregnant soon. You should ask your doctor for more info about which one is good for this stage.
You also need to accept the fact that you shall be eating more now. While you were pregnant, your appetite most likely improved, since you were feeding for two. Breastfeeding is still a period where you are feeding two people. This means that you need not feel bad about the extra servings you tend to go for. You need to make sure it is all nutritious foods. Anything less and your milk quality shall suffer.
There are so many unexpected things that come with breastfeeding times. You therefore need to learn more about it to cope well.