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Top 10 Internet Shopping Sites that Consumers Visit the Most

Online shopping will continue to grow and will be here to stay for as long as people has the internet, and it is worthwhile to know which retail websites consumers visit the most. There is a market intelligence company that is able to conduct a ranking of web sites based on engagement and traffic. Although some sites on the top of the list are no-brainers for consumers who are shopping online, in this blog there are some retailers included in the list based on the numbers of March 1, 2019 that come to be a surprise.

The top on the list is the website that was founded in 1996 and has become known to be consumers go-to online retailer for practically anything needed in the household, from toys, clothes, books, shoes, food, furniture and so on.

The next of the top ten shopping list was founded officially in 1998, and positioning as an e-commerce platform, has allowed customers to buy and sell both old and new items with the best prices offering.

The third on the list is the website was launched in 1996 and has since credited to topple down classified ads in newspapers, with a listing based on region and community, with no fee being charged, and has also become a top source for consumers who would like to buy and sell used items in the area.

The number four on the stats is a retail giant store in the United States that opened in 1962 and has been offering customers various items at low prices along with its great service, and in 2000, has joined in the bandwagon of online business.

The number five on the list was opened in 2005, and has become the internet shopping venue if consumers would like to buy vintage and handmade items, since the site has made it a goal of giving artists, craftspeople, and makers of various things their platform to sell their products online.

Another store opened in 1979 serving customers every appliances needed for their homes, and has joined in 2000 in the online business.

Since its opening in 1962, our next company on the list has been known as the first brick and mortar department store, and since its presence in the internet in 1999, has won awards for its conception of mobile app and mobile digital coupon.

Then among the list are companies like one having a wide range of products with a source direct from Chinese manufacturers at very low prices, a company that started as an audio specialty store in the 1960s and broadened its offerings with a wide selection of electronics when it launched its online shopping store in 1998, and the last but certainly not the least is part of a big group that launched in 2009 to help exporters, manufacturers, and entrepreneurs from China to sell their products in the international market.