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Tips To Help You Choose The Best Painting Contractor

Painting is part of home improvement. Painting can last for up to ten years when done right. It is important you invest well when you decide to paint your property. The painting contractor you choose will determine the success of the project. There are many contractors which make it overwhelming to identify the right one. This guide provides you with tips to choose a painting contractor.

You need to look for a painting contractor with licensing. Painting is a huge risk because it involves manual labor. There can occur accidents which can be fatal. It is advisable to choose a painting contractor with both workers compensation and general liability insurance. Insurance and license are legal important when selecting a painting contractor. Painting contractors without insurance charge low prices but if an accident occurs, it will cost you more.

Identify a painting contractor who is experienced. It is much safer to work with an experienced contractor and not an amateur. It is advisable you choose a contractor with at least two years of experience. They have the skills to provide quality services. It is less stressful to work with an experienced contractor.
Compare the services of three painting contractors. Call them up and let them come to your home and do an inspection. Request them for a detailed estimate. Remember to also compare things like timeline, guarantee and material quality. You will be able to choose the right painting contractor.

Also, ask for references of previous clients. Call the clients to get a review. If you can, you can go view their past projects. Read online testimonials. A painting contractor with so many negative reviews is not ideal.

Take a look at the crew of the painting contractor. They need to have a team of professionals who are highly skilled. You need to know if they have subcontractors or in-house employees. In-house employees are more able to provide quality services. A painting contractor who uses subcontractors needs to provide insurance for them.

Choose a painting contractor who is aware of the latest techniques used in painting. They need to have the right tools and skills. The contractor should offer warranty too. Most offer two year warranty. Make sure to include this in the contract.

It is important you consider cost. Compare quotes from different painting contractors. Don’t choose the cheapest contractor. Avoid contractors who ask you to pay the whole amount upfront. Pay a small percentage and them you can clear the rest after the contractor is through with the project.

It is important the painting contractor to have a good track record of completing projects within the deadline. This is to avoid unwanted costs and delays. You need to confirm the painting contractor’s availability. They need to be there throughout the project.

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