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A Guide to Pomade and Its Benefits

The hair of man is one important aspect of his good looks. Today, you can find many hair styling products for men out in the market since men have already found interest in styling their hairs. You can be confused as to what product is best for your hair with all the gels, pomades, waxes now available in the market. Choosing the best products for your hair is important if you want to style your hair well.

During the ’50s, pomade was hair grease. Pomade gave a man a slick combed back look. The pomade weighs his hair down. However, pomade back then caused damage to the hair. The reason for this is that the main ingredient for pomade before was petroleum jelly. Moisture does not reach the hair if you put pomade on it. This causes damage to your hair shaft. Since pomade is thick and heavy, it was difficult to wash out with shampoo. But despite this, pomade was still continuously being used by men since it helped them fix their hair and gave them the wet look.

Petorleum jelly is no longer an ingredient of pomades of today. Washing you hair after putting pomade is no longer difficult. Pomades are now made of natural oils and lighter ingredients. Using pomades still give you the same long-lasting and strong hold like the pomades of before. Now, it no longer causes damage to your hair. You will find a lot of pomade kinds found in the market today. The market is filled with vegan and organic pomades.

One of the benefits of pomade is that it has superior strength to hold the hair in place. You can use pomade for curly hair or for hair that is out of control. Men who put on pomade gives their hair a stunning shine and a wet look. CAstor, coconut and olive oils are contained in pomade and the reason why it gives you shine that shiny look.

Pomade can lock additional moisture in your hair, although it is not a moisturizer. When pomade is applied over wet hair or over a moisturizer, then moisture will be kept in your hair for a long time. Hair growth is promoted by some pomades. Your hair can grow healthy and strong if the pomade contains sulfur. With pomade, you don’t need to use hairsprays which damages the environment.

You cannot compare pomade and hair gel. Although both are good for the hair, they are good for different hairstyles. Both have their own characteristics.

Pomade should be used on curly, out of control or dry hair. It offers a strong hold but it still allows you hair to move freely. With pomade your hair will make your hair look shiny.

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