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Planning a Birthday Party on a Budget

When your child’s birthday shall be drawing near, you will have to come up with a plan in how to throw it. This is normally a time when you do something the child wished for, or you go the conventional way and throw the biggest part you can. There is no shortage of new and more expenses where such celebrations are concerned. But in all honesty, a child has few requirements on that day. There are things that shall allow you to save so much in the process. Here are some of those to get started on.
You need to be strict with the invitation list. Children tend to keep few friends, meaning the list should not even be that long. A good approach would be to ask them who they would like to be invited. A tea party style celebration works well for a girl, while a movie night will be appreciated the most by the boys.
You can include their class in the celebration as well, in a simple yet effective style. You can make them cupcakes. You can go to Simply Eggless for some amazing yet allergy free cake ideas. You can ask their teacher if it ok for you to bring cupcakes over, and if they could sing your child the birthday song while they enjoy them.
You can then make the decorations yourself. There is no need to go for the expensive event decorator services. The kids can make some art as decorations, which you can incorporate and end up with something fabulous for the event.
You should then make sure you have plenty of free and exciting games for them to play during the party. Games like musical chairs or musical statues never run out of style or fun. You shall learn more about the best games to use here.
For food, you need to think of coming up with a buffet. While you will spend lots of energy on it, you will find it is cheaper than a caterer. Keep the food interesting for the young ones, with items like sandwiches cut with cute cookie cutter shapes, chips and dip, mini sausages, and a fruit punch. You need to also go for the healthier snack options like carrot sticks, apple slices, celery, and cucumber.
You should go for an easy theme, to make it memorable, and keep the costs minimal. A rainbow theme, for instance, shall be easy to put together in terms of the decorations, food, and cake. Even the guests shall find clothing items that fall in that bracket.
You should also think of doing it outside. You can plan for a treasure hunt. A treasure box and some clues are all the things you need.
These ideas should lead to minimal costs, but such a fun event. You may see more here about what else to consider.