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Essential Guidelines on How to Take a Step Back and not Have to Call Things Off

All romantic relationships begin with lots of head rush and butterflies on both parties with the thirst of spending time together but things change over time and you start feeling as if things are moving so fast and you need to slow down things a bit. In almost all romantic relationships, the beginning stages are always filled with lots of chemistry and bonding that calls for the need to spend much time together. With time, the chemistry and butterflies fade away and reality kicks in calling for the need for you to want to slow things down but not necessarily end the affair. Going through this face of any relationship is very normal and should not push you to have a hard time trying to figure out what to say to her as you try to slow things down without having to call the relationship off. Follow on the tips below to get to slow down the pace of the relationship without having to call things off.

To begin with as you look to slow things down without breaking up, you need to things through. For the fact that you are actually feeling overwhelmed by the whole thing and need to take a breather means that there is a problem somewhere and it needs to be addressed. Take some time and think it over to establish the reason why you need a breather. If you do not feel the relationship anymore, do not find excuses to hold on maybe for the reason you do not want to hurt her. If it is still in you being with her then address then face the issue directly for the betterment of the relation.

The second thing that you need to do as you look to slow down the relationship rather than ending it is by talking things out with her. Create sometime and environment that is convenient for you to talk to her and be mature about everything. It is normal to expect some tears and hard emotional moment as ladies are quite delicate when it comes to matters love and relationships and that is why you should be quick to reassure her that you are only looking to slow things down and not end things between you.

Consider setting boundaries between you that are well defined so that things can remain slow and definite. Set date nights that are rather not spontaneous and random so that you can get to plan things and make the time and moment special for both of you.

After all this, you definitely need to be consistent to the boundaries that you set.

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