the legality of marijuana in the eyes of the world

In this modern era, the cannabis commodity is certainly a major highlight in efforts to change drug policy in many countries. Marijuana has been proven by research to have many benefits and has minimal adverse effects compared to alcohol and tobacco. should be used as a useful commodity, besides the criminalized marijuana commodity, worsens the situation, such as the rampant drug trafficking which has resulted in the uncontrolled number of prisoners in prisons.

A commodity whose availability is abundant and is the drug class most in demand by people in the world, but due to this criminalization, in the end, cannabis commodity must be marketed clandestinely on a large scale by the mafia or cartel, wherein the (black market) the mafia or cartel it provides not only marijuana but other very dangerous substances.

The phenomenon of the worldwide black market for drugs illustrates how marijuana always seems to bridge the general public to be able to get to know other substances from drugs that have more dangerous effects.

Therefore, it is not surprising that in the present, developed countries are no longer fighting drugs, especially marijuana. Because the war on illegal drugs has so far proved to be a failure, misdirected, and never won. Besides, the war on drugs has depleted the state budget by a nominal amount, so drug policy reform is the solution. Decriminalization and legalization of the marijuana commodity will be very beneficial for the economy and people’s welfare, reduce the crime rate, which means that prison financing is no longer excessive, increase income on tax costs generated, cut drug trafficking because the market is getting narrower due to the legality of marijuana, and much more. other.

Countries That Legalize Cannabis Some of the predecessor countries that received economic contributions from the use of the cannabis plant such as Canada, Colorado, Uruguay, and others have proven the useful value of these plants in the economy and this can certainly be a reference for a country’s policy regarding the economy.

The condition of the Greek economy, which is currently in crisis, certainly requires economic innovation from the Government apart from the bad image of the commodity asset itself. The use of cannabis in each country inevitably has strict regulations and varies according to existing socio-economic cultural conditions, in Greece, for example. which recently issued a new policy that allows the use of marijuana but only for medical purposes, in contrast to Canada which not only allows doctors to prescribe medical marijuana to patients but has also mass-produced (industrial) marijuana-based drugs and exported them to the country. -countries that need.

Some countries also provide cannabis dispensaries/pharmacies at several points in the region as centers for purchasing cannabis plants, such as Uruguay, for example, while in the Netherlands a special place like a coffee shop is provided which not only provides a cup of coffee to enjoy, but there is also cannabis leaf roll ready to accompany, of course. with dosages that have been determined by the Government, and there are many other various kinds of regulations that exist in various parts of the world. 26 countries in the world have now legalized the use of cannabis plants, although the resistance from this legalization is quite large, both from international systems such as the United Nations. , WHO and the general public, but the existence of social actors also have their role in the success of legalization in various countries.

For the State of Oklahoma that marijuana is not banned, regulations regarding the legality of marijuana have been strictly regulated by the government. To simplify all legal matters regarding the marijuana business in Oklahoma, a Tulsa cannabis attorney will be ready to assist in the validity of the law.