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Internet Hazards to Children

The use of the online platform is not limited to a person’s location as long as they have devices that can access it. Both parents and children use Internet gadgets without limitation. A child can enjoy several benefits as well as disadvantages when they are using the internet. Using the internet, can be an excellent platform for children to interact with one another and read meaningful information that can help them later. The parents must make sure that what children are getting from the internet is beneficial to them. Discussed in this article are some dangers that can affect children from the internet is not controlled.

Use of unlimited internet can expose children to destructive content that can damage their innocence. All the information on the Internet can be accessed by anyone as long as they agree with the terms given. When children are using online platforms such as Google, Facebook or Twitter they may be exposed to content such as pornography or drugs that may ruin their innocence. Sometimes upright children may be influenced by their age mates to check contents on the internet that is not suitable for them. Children who use internet gadgets without any control from their parents may fall victims of the dangers without their parents’ awareness.

Sometimes people use internet platforms to embarrass others with worse effects falling on children. Several people can post photos of themselves or events they have attended on the internet. When this is done, no one controls the kind of comments that are made in response with what children have posted. Negative comments made by the children’s peers can stress them. Parents should protect children from humiliation because of their psychological maturity. A child who is bullied and embarrassed men designed to run away from it all by committing a serious crime.

The danger of uncontrolled internet to children is the addiction power of internet. Children who have been hooked into internet are always thinking about things they would have wanted to do on the internet which is why their concentration on other matters is down. The side effect of addiction can be withdrawing from other essential activities when they don’t have internet gadgets with them. The responsibility of the parent should be to make sure that as much as their children are using internet they have not become addicted to it. Children whose full attention is in the internet, may fail to know when there are opportunities meant for them which may be lost. A wise parent will control the use of the Internet among their children to protect them from the risks mentioned above.

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