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Valuable Lessons I’ve Learned About Lawns

6 Ways to Do Lawn Care

Properly taking care of the lawn is one of the important things that homeowners have to bear in mind. Proper lawn care is advantageous if done right because it does not just look great but also, it easily adds value to your home. Following are some tips that you can take into consideration when taking care of your lawn.

Tip number 1. Pull weeds ASAP – it is vital that you immediately pull out any weeds that you see that’s coming out of your lawn. Weeds are creating seeds that could cause it to spread around the lawn if it’s not treated. Manually pulling the weeds is the best thing that you can do as pesticides may not be entirely capable of treating the weeds. Not only that, using pesticides can put your lawn at risks as well.

Tip number 2. Mulch your lawn – mulching the lawn works nicely to any lawn because it provides sufficient nutrients. This can be used in keeping the lawns healthy while also keeping insects away from it. A nice thing about this is, grass clippings could be utilized too as your mulch.

Tip number 3. Do tests on the soil’s pH level – in most instances, alkaline material similar to wood ash can be spread around the lawn in neutralizing acidic soil. As for alkaline soil, acidic material similar to sulfur may do. You know that you have a healthy soil if its pH level has a score of 7 or close to it.

Tip number 4. Don’t overwater your lawn – too much water in the soil can drown the grass even though it can help in stimulating the soil. As a result, this may make your grass to die eventually.

Tip number 5. Move on the lawn too short – medium trims may be used as a means to get the greenest look for your lawn. Apart from that, this can assist the sun from evaporating the water content in your lawn which is needed to grow healthily. This particular kind of trimming can be used so by that, the lawn won’t have to be moved frequently. Taller lawns will not grow as fast as the ones that you cut short.

Tip number 6. Short trim prior the winter season – if winter months are approaching, then it will be wise that you trim your lawns on a medium height only. The rationale behind this is that, taller lawns might catch some disease as time pass by while shorter lawns may be killed off by the frost.

These are some of the nice things that you could do when taking care of your lawn.

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