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Shopping for Adequate Prepping Gear

There is always the question of what should you take with you when things go horribly wrong, and you are forced into survival mode. People will think of different things to take with them. The best logic shall consider the number of people you are preparing for, where you are, how skilled you are at survival, and how much you can afford. Whatever you end up selecting; you will need to have several basics accounted for in the end.
You shall not live long without air, water, food, and shelter. These factors have a direct impact on your chances of living another minute, hour, day, or weeks. All the gear you go for needs to assure your access to these things.
You need to find a way to ensure plenty of supply of water for your team. If you are staying in one place, there has to be clean water there. In case you have to evacuate, you need to carry it or pass through a route with clean water sources. The water should remain clean, as dirty water could kill you faster than anything else. The best option is to carry a water purifier.
Food is another important factor, though not as much as water. As time goes, you will find a lack of food affecting your ability to perform tasks or make proper decisions. You can start now to stock up on survival rations. You need to also check the expiry dates, so as to remain with fresh ones when the day comes. You need to have plenty for your team. You need to have high caloric bars and meal packs. You may also need to stock up on tools for hunting and dressing if you are around wildlife.
You need to think of shelter. In places with bad weather, you need to have such provisions in place even more. You can have all the food and water you want, but it will mean nothing if you freeze to death or succumb to heat stroke. You, therefore, need to carry some form of shelter, or have the means to construct one. Your present location will determine what the best course of action shall be. You need to also look at what clothes you shall be taking with you. You may have to, for example, leave behind all your cotton clothes in hot weather. Synthetics are preferred there. In cold climates, it is best to do layering.
You need to find a way to have all these areas adequately covered. You need to ensure you have the means to access air, water, food, and reasonable shelter. You shall discover more when you approach the Canadian Prepper online store. Canadian Prepper stocks on the best prepper supplies for survival, like the silky saws such as the silky saw katanaboy. You shall see page links here for more info.

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