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Intriguing Statistics of Cannabis Industry you didn’t know

Some time back the legalization of cannabis did not look like it would be accepted in the whole of America. In the present times, cannabis has been accepted for medicinal value in about 33 states, and ten others are using it for pleasure uses. These are some important and fascinating statistics about cannabis which confirm the rate which the cannabis industry has grown and why it is great. Another of the vital things that should be known about cannabis is that America is dominating in the cannabis market. World cannabis sales are set to go about $150 million by 2025 with America expected to add a huge portion of these sales.

Currently, the cannabis market in America is about $5.7 million total to four times the tobacco market and also as big as the wheat industry. The states in America that have allowed cannabis, just a few of them participate majorly in the cannabis market in USA. Going by the latest information there are seven states which spent millions on cannabis by 2017. In these seven states, cannabis spending is set to rise. The full legalization of cannabis is favored by about sixty-two percent of Americans.

Allowance of cannabis has hugely grown in the different age groups which had not accepted cannabis legalization but have now accepted the cannabis legalization. Cannabis spending is growing rapidly in America that is why there are many cannabis businesses coming up in America. At the moment there are about 10,000 licenses for the businesses of cannabis in the United States. The cannabis industry is now employing more people than the coal industries.

There are several jobs being formed in the cannabis industry more so for that who cannot work in the coal industries or the blue collar industries. The average salary for people working in the cannabis industry is about $58, 500 per year whereas the average salary for U.S workers per year is about $52,860. One can move to the cannabis industry if a person is looking to earning big and living a decent life.

In the United States, other industries have given women about fifteen percent of executive positions. THC cannabis products and plants are mostly thought of by many people when they think if cannabis market. There is a rapid growth of the cannabidiol markets with many people joining CBD industry to enjoy the non-addictive and non-psychoactive cannabis products. Many health conditions are treated by the use of cannabidiol oils such as anxiety and arthritis. At the moment about 55 million regularly use cannabis either for recreational and medicinal purposes. Undoubtedly, the cannabis industry is booming; I’m sure these statistics have surprised you.